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Advanced Strata Care aim to provide the best support to all Body Corporate committees through transparent processes and ensuring effective and efficient administration and communication with all stakeholders.

Body Corporate and Strata Management
Residential and Commercial
Administration and Communication

Body Corporate &
Strata Management

At Advanced Strata Care we are caring, knowledgeable and experts in Body Corporate and Strata Management. We pride ourselves on providing a gold standard service and aim to go above and beyond to ensure comfortable community living within strata and body corporate complexes.

We are reliable, efficient and provide a friendly service to all body corporate committees. Whilst we are new on the scene, we are forward-thinking and are always looking to advance our skills and knowledge to ensure the best possible service is provided.

We service all areas in Queensland working collaboratively with building complexes.

Why choose us?




“Advanced Strata Care have been incredibly easy to work with. They communicate efficiently and effectively and always go above and beyond to support our body corporate committee. They help provide administration support to ensure the smooth running of our complex, as well as answering any questions promptly.”

Chris – Eleni Building Manager